Giglio di Mare

Opened in July 2020, the first 24 rooms, all facing the beach. Modern and refined structure, furnished in white tones and surrounded by a well-kept English lawn.

Located within the pine forest of Paestum, it is a
unique structure of its kind, a resort directly on
the beach, on one of the most beautiful stretches of
sea on the coast that year after year is awarded the
prestigious “Blue Flag” award.

residence giglio mare
giglio di mare

Pancratium maritimum, un fiore bianco tra la terra e il mare

Pancratium maritimum, a white flower between land and sea, scientifically Pancratium maritimum, is a rare and mysterious plant.

A very white flower, from extreme environments on the border between the land and the sea, which has inspired legends since ancient times, reappears every summer on the beaches of the Mediterranean. It is the Pancratium maritimum, Giglio di Mare (Sea Lily) , which, as the summer approaches, reveals its presence by sprouting in one of the most extreme environments for plant life: the coastal dunes.

A legend tells that the sea lily was born from the lost milk of Hera while Hercules sucked it too hard. Part of the divine liquid splashed into the sky generating the Milky Way and part fell on the beaches generating the lilies, just as white as milk.

Why the Giglio di Mare?

The corollas bloom between July and September, intoxicating the air with a subtle and exotic scent that is more perceptible in the evening and in the absence of wind.

When riped they open and let out the very numerous seeds, of different and irregular shapes, black and shiny as silk, very light and full of air. Their dispersion occurs in the immediate vicinity of the mother plant, but also further away. They seem designed to navigate and, pushed by the wind towards the shoreline, are able to take off, remaining afloat towards new shores, towards other places to colonize. In this cycle that has been repeated every year since time immemorial, Pancratium maritimum has spread along all the coasts of the Mediterranean, becoming one of the most characteristic plants. The plant that evokes strength in its name and legend, is actually today a fragile entity threatened with extinction and for this reason included in Dir. 43/92 / EEC 2110 and 2210.

passerella gigli

Overcrowding of the beaches, transit, trampling, free and uncontrolled access, parking on the dunes, ruts left by vehicles and leveling irremediably change the characteristics and delicate balance of the environment in between,that of the beach, between the land and the sea.